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Gateway CTC Skills U PLC 2018-2019
The high cost of the GED® is perhaps hindering many students who have completed 50 – 75% of coursework toward completion. How might community partners help break down that barrier?

Product Description

Gateway Skills U hopes to reduce the barrier to obtaining a GED® credential that the cost of the test poses. Through engaging community partners, we hope to create a GED® voucher support request letter and speaking engagement toolkit to secure “scholarship” funds for students.  Collaborating with partners using the toolkit will help ensure that funding is raised to assist students toward persistence.

Live and Learn, Messy Moments

Live and Learn, Messy Moments

GCTC reported none of note.

Mastery Moments

It was helpful to make a list of partners and note that there are partners we had not previously considered. We had assumed that others knew what we did, but found that to not be the case. Explaining more about our services helped others recognize our community value.


  1. County-specific list of potential partners/donors
  2. Program letter to potential partners
  3. Tracking and Volunteer Spreadsheet
  4. Presentation for potential partners
  5. Script of speaking points


  1. Data about the program and the history of its presence/impact in the community
  2. A list of potential community partners
  3. Sign-up list for speaking engagements
  4. Power point or presentation tool for engagements with community partners