Outreach and Enrollment

2020-2021 PLC Products

link to EKU SOAR Summit presentation

Tammy Frazier, EKU CCN, put together this presentation for the 2021 SOAR Summit (Shaping Our Appalachian Region) to showcase what EKU Skills U has to offer prospective students in Eastern Kentucky. “The SOAR Summit is an annual event held in Eastern Kentucky…focusing specifically on the issues and activities of our region. Drawing more than 1,000 attendees, participants include local residents and businesses, elected officials, nonprofit leaders, adn other change agents across Appalachia” (SOAR KY.org).

2019-2020 PLC Products

link to Jessamine and Woodford Skills U website

The Basic Math Videos Project was born from an acknowledgment that Mathematical Reasoning is an Achilles’ Heel for many GED® students. By focusing on the Basic Math Skills, Jessamine Woodford’s product directly addresses the need for foundational skills as one of the prerequisites for GED® attainment in the student population.

Additionally, the Jessamine and Woodford Skills U website provides a one-stop shop for enrollment, recruitment, testimonials, study information, and much more.

link to JCPS product

The JCPS 2019-2020 Innovation Plan took a broad sweeping approach to addressing the needs and outcomes of their students. The JCPS Innovation Plan was designed to increase enrollment, MSG gains and GED attainments. Online delivery/NTI schedules also addressed student persistence and retention during a pandemic. (Image from Pixabay.com)

link to WKCTC Outreach leads to other gains product

WKCTC wanted to increase outreach in Carlisle, Graves, and McCracken counties to increase enrollment, recruitment, and other gains by the end of April 2020. Included in these efforts were bilingual fliers, talking points, and TABE review booklets.

Link to Powtoon video about college and career navigators

Using Powtoons, Renee McFall from EKU reaches out to prospective students by explaining what a College and Career Navigator does. The video is uploaded to Facebook as a means of social media outreach.

link to Powtoon video outreach to students

Meg Bailey, CCN at Gateway Community and Technical School, created a Powtoon video to reach out to students during “Healthy at Home.”

link to GED Plus video by Janice Crawford

Janice Crawford, of Hardin County BOE, created a Screencastify video using Google Slides to explain the process in the Heartland Consortium.

Pat Tatro, of BCTC, introduces prospective students to GED + Plus and its processes at BCTC. She also highlights the certification programs available at BCTC for those students. To walk her students through the advising process, she also created a Google Classroom modeled after one created by Julia Parsons. Pat’s video was made as a 3X3 Self-directed Learning product during “Healthy at home.”

2018-2019 PLC Products

social media icons link to social media outreach products

This product page documents the efforts of several programs to use social media to improve student experiences and outcomes.

Adult Ed roadmap

The project of the JCTC PLC was to target specific students with fewer than 12 hours of attendance to reengage with the program with the goal of increasing enrollment and MSGs.

MCTC staff photo link to recruitment effectiveness product

The Maysville PLC wanted to boost student enrollment in each of their counties, so they decided to survey students about how they heard of the program. The instructors designed the survey and administered the survey to all current students. They compiled and discussed the results, which will be used to change their recruitment strategies and money allocation for the next fiscal year.

Hardin Skills U corrections poster linked to their PLC product site

This product details the development of more creative marketing plans and partnerships with local businesses and school systems. Enrollment is the basis of all other successes: Increased GED® graduates and MSGs cannot happen without people walking through the doors. Better, more creative marketing that leverages partnerships with businesses and schools can help increase awareness of and enrollment in our program.