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Unlike other product pages, this one features several programs and their efforts to use social media to leverage outreach and enrollments. To learn more about each individual program’s page, click on the respective buttons under the explanations.

OCTC: Enlarge Social Media Footprint

The OCTC PLC chose a project focusing on its social media footprint. This project was chosen because of the desire to present an image of the four county efforts as ONE, so as an additional part of this project, the four existing FB sites would be merged into one. In other words, merging the parts into one whole would make the public and the students in the four counties recognize that they are part of something bigger.

Big Sandy CTC: Increase Enrollment

We anticipated that having an outreach presence at well-attended, live, local events would result in increased enrollment, and that a social media presence would do the same in a virtual environment.

Somerset CC Social Media

Creation and maintenance of Facebook and Instagram accounts for each COUNTY Skills U center to increase community awareness, raise KYSU visibility, and improve enrollment. Each County's FB link can be found on this page.