Community Partnerships

2022-2023 PLC Products

Community Connections Through Family Learning

Family Literacy Pilot: Investing in Your Family Series

Reading is Half the Battle; Arm Yourself: Grab a Book

2019-2020 PLC Products

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The JCPS 2019-2020 Innovation Plan took a broad sweeping approach to addressing the needs and outcomes of their students. The JCPS Innovation Plan was designed to increase enrollment, MSG gains and GED attainments. Online delivery/NTI schedules also addressed student persistence and retention during a pandemic. (Image from

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The BCTC Innovation Plan begun in 2019 took a broad, sweeping approach to addressing the needs and outcomes of their students. To do this, BCTC’s PLC developed four teams. Each team identified specific products, strategies, or processes that would address their selected area. The teams included MSG Attainment, GED® Attainment, Community Outreach/Partnerships, and Distance Learning. During FY2021, the teams expanded and refined elements begun before the pandemic closed the program.

2019-2020 PLC Products

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Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College Skills U decided to tackle ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) with their PLC Project. In an effort to help students get to the proper resource they need (and not use class time to find a resource or try to solve a problem), SKYCTC decided to create a Care Card.

Hardin Skills U corrections poster linked to their PLC product site

Hardin County BOE consortium decided that the best way to increase enrollment was to develop more creative marketing plans and partner with local businesses and school systems. Enrollment is the basis of all other successes: Increased GED® graduates and MSGs cannot happen without people walking through the doors. Better, more creative marketing that leverages partnerships with businesses and schools can help increase awareness of and enrollment in our program.