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SKYCTC Skills U PLC 2018-2019
Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College Skills U decided to tackle ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) with their PLC Project. In an effort to help students get to the proper resource they need (and not use class time to find a resource or try to solve a problem), SKYCTC decided to create a Care Card.



We aimed to create a “care card” that lists sought-after, local resources so that a compact, pocket-size tool could be provided to students when they do and do not have access to their local Navigator. This was chosen based off our group’s initial program survey identifying our staff thought we could be better at helping students overcome their own barriers. We are lucky that our region has access to a United Way 211 call/web center to provide hundreds of potential resources to make individuals aware of. As part of our product, staff were assigned to investigate and “nominate” other types of resources students may need.



Filtering down resources: Staff were assigned the responsibility of nominating specific, in-demand student/community resources. At times, the list was exhaustive instead of brief.


Design Woes: obtaining a graphic from 211, which the design of the card would be based around, caused the project to be delayed. Contact marketing and design services early!



  • 4 counties collaborated on a project that would directly benefit all 4 counties.
  • Finalizing decisions.
  • In researching and reaching out to local resources, another outcome has been that partnerships have been established or strengthened.

Evaluation of the product’s effectiveness will be based on

  • Student feedback.
  • Comparing retention rates between this year and next year. Annual Student Surveys could include question about the resource card.
  • Contacting agencies that we put on resource card to see if they get SKYCTC students; this will strengthen partnerships and increase enrollment.



  1. Determine if your region has access to a United Way 211 call/web center. If so, collaborate with them for the graphic. Otherwise, you will need a unifying graphic for your program.
  2. A list of local resources.
  3. Contacts for printing and design companies.



  1. All instructors send resource ideas via email or Google Classroom. (Note: Another good idea is to collaborate on a shared document.)
  2. Review resources (done by county coordinators)
  3. Submit resource list to marketing for card design and printing (director).
  4. Distribute cards to current students (all staff)
  5. Include cards in orientation information provided to new students.

Results of Product


PDF Download     ResourceRegistry


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