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BCTC Skills U Program PLC 2019-2021
The BCTC Innovation Plan begun in 2019 took a broad, sweeping approach to addressing the needs and outcomes of their students. To do this, BCTC’s PLC developed four teams. Each team identified specific products, strategies, or processes that would address their selected area. The teams included MSG Attainment, GED® Attainment, Community Outreach/Partnerships, and Distance Learning. During FY2021, the teams expanded and refined elements begun before the pandemic closed the program.



Prior to March 2020, the PLC was implementing products, strategies, and processes outlined in their action plan. With the shuttering of physical locations as of March 13, 2020, BCTC experienced two dramatic changes which impacted the program:


  • The full implementation of new instructional sites and connection points had to be halted.
  • Enrollment, TABE pre and post testing, and GED testing ceased due to government mandates
  • Instruction had to move from a combination, in many cases, of classroom and distance learning to a purely distance learning format.


Despite these issues, BCTC PLC managed to address the goals of their Innovation Plan. The BCTC PLC formed four teams to address specific issues related to items outlined with their Innovation Plan.

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Team will establish new connection points to recruit students for ESL and GED programs.


Team will identify sites that can either offer both on-site entrance testing and orientation or to become full-service classroom locations.



  1. Have community outreach opportunities and personnel whose primary job is to target potential locations 
  2. Identify a representative as a reliable contact for locations that might be willing to house a class or testing center  
  3. Create an interest survey to distribute to potential participants 
  4. Create an Agreement for Service that can be supported financially and materially
  5. Interview potential instructors and test administrators
  6. Hire and train staff to fill the positions



The Community Partnership/Expanded Services Team provided information to the Goodwill (RISE) program related to adult education program availability, testing availability, etc.


BCTC expanded GED testing to the Hope Center for Women. 


BCTC reached agreements with Booker T. Washington Elementary and William Wells Brown Elementary to provide onsite adult education classes at the schools. Due to COVID-19 closures, the programs were not opened, but remain in the works for 2021. The team prepared for the expansion of services by reviewing materials and equipment that would be needed at the schools. They also began the process of advertising for teachers to serve at these two centers. However, hiring of teachers was delayed until a potential start-date could be determined. It is hoped that instruction will begin in January or February of 2021.

Mastery Moments


We are pleased to include ESL classes among our outreach offerings.  Additionally, we were contacted by the Hope Center for Men to create on-site classes.



Difficulty with the pandemic shutdowns prevented establishing the targeted sites and hiring personnel.  Positions were posted but, due to a lack of response, the positions will be reposted.  


In the future, we need to have a list of expectations from the site that is inviting us to their establishment.  For example, we need to know if we have a designated and locked space for assessment instruments, class instruction and materials, Internet access (firewalls, bandwidth, IT support), and copier availability just to mention a few:)