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Jessamine/Woodford Skills U Program PLC 2019-2021
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The Basic Math Videos Project was born from an acknowledgment that Mathematical Reasoning is an Achilles’ Heel for many GED® students. By focusing on the Basic Math Skills, Jessamine Woodford’s product directly addresses the need for foundational skills as one of the prerequisites for GED® attainment in the student population.


Additionally, the Jessamine and Woodford Skills U website provides a one-stop shop for enrollment, recruitment, testimonials, study information, and much more.



In projects of this type, identifying the project scope was the “messy” moment. In the knowledge business, we want to deliver everything but sometimes less is more. The PLC members quickly looked at the range of topics that could be covered and decided to focus on the practical and most useful. By questioning where the product could produce the most impact, the group adopted the idea that by improving basic math skills, students would be able to approach more complex topics successfully. In addition, the PLC learned—through trial and error—that a videographer, though helpful, isn’t always required to get material camera-ready for student consumption.



This project gave the group a firm foundation for approaching the COVID-19 shift to online instruction with experience and confidence. Jessamine was able to retain a significant percentage—more than half of its ESL students—with online instruction. Given the usual retention rates, this result rates as a success.

Results of Product

As of June 1, 2021, individual math instructional video views range from 4 to 27. Their Using the GED Formual Sheet for Area, Part 1 video has garnered over 214 views.

Solving Algebra Word Problems Playlist

Math for the GED Test Playlist

Program Featurettes Playlist

Program Website using Google Sites

link to Jessamine and Woodford Skills U website



  1. Designate a web master
  2. Create a YouTube channel and designate a point for curating/uploading videos
  3. Utilize the information provided by Skills U in the DL Hub
  4. Develop a focus with a reasonable scope and a plan (it always takes more time and effort at the front end than making the actual video)



  1. Decide if you have the resources to handle making and editing videos (a lower cost option) or whether you need to hire a videographer (assuming some cost and a trade off on topical coverage)
  2. Understand the inherent value of a familiar face teaching content versus repurposing existing content
  3. Understand the principles and best demonstrated practices of engaging online instruction (short and specific about the topic and skill)
  4. Recognize that the things that work in the classroom will need modification to work well online
  5. Jessamine used the GEDTS® Math Study Guide to organize the product content since the material focuses on domains and topics covered by the Mathematical Reasoning test