Hardin County Board of Education: IXL Implementation

Will the use of IXL increase student engagement and retention as measured by hours of distance learning AND result in an increase in student gains?

Product Overview

We decided to use IXL to increase student engagement and retention.  We chose it because: 

  • of how phone-friendly it is especially for Distance Learners
  • it is the newest state provided resource
  • we thought there would be significant reward and feedback for our students
  • the correlation to TABE was encouraging

Mastery Moments

  • All counties incorporated IXL  Although not at the same level of intensity.  
  • Total teacher engagement/buy-in for IXL.  To be honest, this was the first time we all worked so intently on ONE product.  Yes, we still have our SME, but all instructors have learned mastery of this product.  All new resources should be given this much attention!
  • At least 6 GED®s were from IXL users
  • Conducted our own consortium PD via ZOOM and in-person
  • Using IXL correlations created to math skill to GED® indicators
  • Success stories from our students
  • This was an especially great product to use at the jail

Messy Moments

  • Dedicated time to work on product for all 
  • Staff meetings per month alternating with PLC meetings
  • The students would use the IXL recommendations instead of the instructor recommendation and therefore would waste time on the wrong skills
  • Normal “hiccups” with working with a new program..setting up and entering students, making recommendations….taking a lot of time
  • Trying to get students to use it was not easy at times


  • Meeting MSG/GED goals
  • Need data collection of use by teacher and teacher feedback. This feedback will be critical. Each instructor needs to evaluate their students’ use and results.  Was this an IXL success or was IXL a secondary player?
  • Conduct a student use survey

Moving Forward

  • Need a resource for  Social Studies/Science/RLA.,
  • Explore use of IXL diagnostic test
  • continue to incorporate IXL use with boot camps and other strategies to get students to GED®/MSG/other goals
  • Increase use for TABE gains
  • Explore using it in some way for paraeducator instruction and/or NCRC?   As we can no longer use WIN to help people prepare for the NCRC, IXL might be the program that CAN provide the needed instruction for those preparing for these two occupational exams.