Picture of the Hazard CTC homepage for students
Hazard CTC Skills U PLC 2018-2019
The Hazard CTC PLC chose to work on strengthening the use of instructional technology for both staff and students.  They used a free version of Weebly to create their new site.


Our PLC product was designed to provide students and staff with easy access to multiple resources to increase student success. The student part of the site has all the web-based resources and distance learning options that students need when in an adult education program (KAERS, GED.com, EdReady, etc.) .  The instructor portion of the site is a collection of teacher resources that can be shared across the provider and an option to submit additional resources via the site.


We chose this product because we saw that this was a good, easy tool for students to use.  The Weebly website was free to use and easy to navigate.



When the group went to add it to the student computers, the only browser that could be used was Google Chrome.  This was a limitation with the IT department at the Hazard campus.  We would add a page for Career Navigators to share information.


Group will continue to monitor the traffic information (Unique visits, Page Views,  Average Pages Per Unique Visit).  One challenge with the free version is that you have to pay for additional analytics, such as time spent by each student on the page.



Everyone loved the resources that were shared via the site.  The collaboration between all staff to get this product implemented was very valuable.  Students who were not very tech savvy at first have gained confidence to navigate to the resources in the site.  It is nice that students don’t have to memorize a bunch of websites.



The provider would need to create an account with Weebly.  If the provider chose, they could upgrade to a paid version, which provides some additional reporting and capabilities.  The web page creator would need to know the name and URL for any site to be included in the resources.  The site will allow you to use pdf forms.  The Data Manager is a great resource for all Skills U forms and information.



  1. Designate a web master within the staff. This person can also function as the point of contact for information to add to the site.
  2. Email all instructors to request educational links or lesson plans to add to website. Assign a point of contact (POC) for this.
  3. Instructors send emails of educational links or lesson plans to the designated contact in #1 above.
  4. POC compiles list and adds to the website.
  5. Email website link to all instructors for revisions/suggested edits.
  6. Make all necessary corrections and suggestions to the website.
  7. Email link to staff with directions on how to add to homescreen on all computers.
  8. Add link to all computers.
  9. Update website and check the analytics on a monthly basis.