2019 - 2021 Product
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BSCTC’s Innovation Plan is a Partnership and Delivery Project to take adult education services to high need rural areas in Floyd and Pike counties. The project includes partnering with stakeholders to create connection points and learning hubs throughout high-need areas so students may access instruction in-person and via distance learning. As part of the project, BSCTC’s plans include creating Google classrooms to utilize at hubs and increase distance learning wherever students may need them, creating a virtual learning library to use as a teaching/learning resource.
2019 - 2020 Product
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PLC Goal: By late May 2020, the MSU programs will have created at least 12 Connection Sites to increase enrollment and gains and will have helped 100 students earn their GEDs.

PLC Strategy: Instructors will build relationships with community partners that will allow them to teach students at their facilities.