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Math Instructional Videos created by Jessamine/Woodford County


The Basic Math Videos Project was born from an acknowledgment that Mathematical Reasoning is an Achilles’ Heel for many GED® students. By focusing on the Basic Math Skills, Jessamine Woodford’s product directly addresses the need for foundational skills as one of the prerequisites for GED® attainment in the student population.

Math for the GED® Test Playlist

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Begun during the Workshop Wednesday session GED® Concepts: Scope and Sequence for Math (January 27, 2021), this Padlet curates KYAE instructors’ favorite math resources. Feel free to add to the Padlet if you do not see your favorite resource.

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TABE 11/12 Math to GED® High Impact Indicators Crosswalk

Crosswalks align CCRS Standards, TABE Blueprints, GED® Performance Level Descriptors, and new TABE Skill Descriptions from student diagnostic reports.

Pace Learning System's Test Translation Table shows connections between TABE test items, their TABE domain and skill descriptors, and CCR standards and sub-skills tested by TABE. This resource is intended to increase understanding of the competencies measured by each TABE test form, level, and test item. Analyses are currently available for TABE 11 levels E, M, and D. Content is restricted to site members, but users can create free member accounts.

Exclusively for Kentucky Adult Educators, the math Google Classroom provides downloadable lessons and unit plans aligned to GED® High Impact Indicators. Classroom codes are located in PLC Google Classrooms, from Jo (

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Created by Marysusan Houk and Jeff MacDanald for the PL course Introduction to Assessment for Adult Basic Education (Math for TABE 11/12) in FY2019, the study guide is available as a PDF and a Word doc for easy editing. Both versions have answers. The product includes a PowerPoint describing the document, the rationale for focusing on level M, and their reflections on the effectiveness of the study guide.

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