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The PLC chose this product because as the need for distance learning continues to increase, students want more options for studying, even as program budgets become increasingly stretched. With an increased number of outreach sites and limited staff to provide face to face instruction at all locations, there is a greater need to have available distance learning in more areas. Google Classroom is a free resource that can be used to provide online instruction.


KEDC ensured mentor and peer feedback throughout the creation process, and they have shared not only their process but also their collaborative forms for your own implementation.

Link to DL-squared website
The (DL)² PLC Student Engagement focus area group shared some AWESOME student-facing sites they found from across the state, created by KYAE instructors using free resources. The active title above has links to the sites, an overview of what they contain, and related resources for creating your own. Lots of good inspiration here!

Do you have a KYAE-created student site we could include? Let Emily know (, and she’ll add it to the collection of examples.


Thanks so much to the (DL)² PLC Student Engagement focus area group for sharing your creativity and resources.

Link to DL squared website for KY Skills U

Several KYAE programs are lending technology equipment to students (laptops, Chromebooks, hotspots, Study Buddies) to provide access to opportunities for learning outside of their brick-and-mortar learning centers. If your program is considering doing the same, you can find several examples of lending policies linked in the title above. Please feel free to copy and modify any of the KYAE examples.


A big “Thank You” to the (DL)² PLC Access to Technology focus group for creating, gathering, and sharing these with us.

Link to DL-squared website

(DL)² is a KYAE initiative to develop high-quality blended and distance learning options for students while also preparing them for the growing number of jobs requiring digital knowledge and skills. Emily Bosley has created this site to house Digital Literacy and Digital Learning resources and tips.

link to a PDF for ESL distance learning ideas

Covid 19 propelled changes in how we reach our ESL students. The 2020-2021 ESL PLC gathered best practices from across Kentucky and borrowed other great ideas from around the country to compile into this one-stop shop infographic for reaching ESL students at a distance in Kentucky.


Bluegrass CTC Online/Distance Learning Innovation Teams:

Distance Learning Log and

Distance Learning Policy

Members of the PLC Innovation team at BCTC updated the BCTC Skills U Distance Learning (DL) Policy in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to create uniformity across the multi-county program. Team members  also developed a common Student Distance Learning Excel file that includes information on the distance learning product(s) that a student is using, that student’s username/password for each product, the name of the primary instructor for that student and any other information that will be useful in aiding the student. By providing access to all instructors in each county, anyone can assist the student in case of a teacher absence, a school shutdown, or any other reason that the primary instructor is not there to assist the student.

Link to Teach from Home Google tutorials
Teach from Home Tutorials

Teach from Home Tutorials include presentations, videos, and screenshot tutorials for distance learning and teaching tools for resources such as Google tools, screen recording, etc., created by KYAE instructors and staff.