Student Persistence/Retention

Adult education students often face barriers that, if left unaddressed, can impede their ability to persist and succeed. Helping students build persistence is possible – but it requires mindfulness and effort from all staff members, from the person who answers the phone to the person who provides instruction – and all contacts in between. The correlation of this framework’s resources to LINCS Adult Education Teacher Competencies helps connect the dots between student persistence and best instructional and program administration practices, thus ensuring that persistence efforts are seamlessly blended into the everyday operations, instruction and culture of local KYAE programs.


The Student Persistence/Retention Framework is an index of the resources (programmatic materials, instructional examples, and supporting research and readings) cited in the framework and their corresponding LINCS Adult Education Teacher Competencies.


The Kentucky Adult Education Instructional Framework Series was designed to provide a common instructional foundation for all of Kentucky’s adult education providers. Local adult educators (who intuitively aligned instruction with college and career readiness standards, student assessment criteria, and program performance metrics) provided the impetus for this project. (In an effort to acknowledge those who inspired this work, contributions of individual Kentucky Adult Educators are signified with a pink highlight throughout the entire framework series.)

Building upon the work done by local providers, a state-level team designed the Kentucky Adult Education Instructional Framework Series to align all instruction statewide with the LINCS Professional Development Center State Leadership Self-Assessment Tool, the LINCS Adult Education Teacher Competencies, the Data Recognition Corporation TABE 11/12 Blueprints, the English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education, and the GED® Testing Service High Impact Indicators (HIIs). The result is a five-framework series comprised of:

  • The Student Framework – Research and strategies targeted to adult student retention and persistence, aligned with LINCS AE Teacher Competencies
  • The Mathematics Instructional Framework – Instructional resources aligned with TABE 11/12 levels and GED® HIIs
  • The Reasoning Through Language Arts Instructional Framework – Instructional resources aligned with TABE 11/12 levels and GED® HIIs
  • The Instructional Technology Framework – Instructional resources, accompanied by detailed screenshot and video tutorials, aligned with LINCS AE Teacher Competencies
  • The English Language Proficiency Instructional Framework – Instructional resources aligned with English Language Proficiency Standards and CASAS Competencies, organized both by ELP Standard and by five achievement levels, featuring resources from BurlingtonEnglish®.



The Kentucky Adult Education Instructional Framework Series provides comprehensive, assessment-aligned instructional support to adult educators. The frameworks serve as the basis for intensive, ongoing, job-embedded professional learning in the form of provider-based professional learning communities and targeted, framework-aligned, online professional learning elective courses. The five frameworks also:

  • Arm instructional leaders with research-based instructional coaching resources
  • Equip providers with relevant instructional technology and distance learning tools to support instruction
  • Orient providers with best practice strategies for understanding, recruiting, and retaining adult students
  • Prepare volunteer tutors with high-quality instructional resources to support learners