As adult educators, it is our responsibility to provide the best and expect the most of ourselves and of our students. For our students, we strive to provide the best learning opportunities possible and expect the best possible outcomes of them. For ourselves, we strive to create the best professional learning opportunities and to expect the highest in instructional professionalism.

Professional learning communities (PLCs) are one of the principal embodiments of this responsibility. At the heart of PLCs is the belief that instructors working together have the greatest ability to effect change. Through these communities, inclusive and intersectional from the statewide to the local level, we are agents of transformation and affirmation, aspiring to continual improvement in the practice of adult education, so that we and our students perform at their best.
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About the Kentucky Adult Education Professional Learning Team

Learn more about Kentucky’s adult education professional learning leaders: the IDSO team, MSU’s Adult Education Academy, and the PLC coaches.

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KYAE has identified a number of preferred Education Technologies:

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Our curated collection of professional learning resources, including the FY2023 PL Handbook and the collection of Microlearning Mondays and Workshop Wednesdays webinars.

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